3 Different Ways To Use Your Printed Displays

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As we all know, many places are out of bounds for the mean while and this goes for the exhibition industry. Most will have stands and printed displays ready to go and no where to take them, but there’s always another way.

With custom print, banners and bespoke exhibition units sitting gathering dust, it’s time to dust of the cobwebs and use the stands how they intended to be used. Whilst you can’t bring the customer to the event, think about taking the event to them.

Digital and marketing technology has come on leaps and bounds over the years. Even within the lockdown period we’ve all used new platforms to stay in touch. It’s now the time to put to work everything we’ve learnt to promote and advertise your business.

Now is a better time than any to try new techniques and drive your business forward.

Silent Salesman

The term silent salesman is a term used when you’re promoting your business without being there driving the sale. Venues such as shopping centres and large halls will have spaces available to buy to allow you to show off your business.

Pop up your stand, add your banners and away you go. Not forgetting the use of QR codes, which will allow your customers to interact with you and find the right contact if needed.

Use the silent salesman method to do the speaking for you, continually drawing in new opportunities.

Use as a backdrop

When attending a remote conference or event having your Pop Up display as a backdrop is a subtle way to advertise, not to mention looking professional. Place the Pop Up behind your seating area to create a focal backdrop with your complete branding.


Just because you don’t have a stand space to create your display, doesn’t mean you can’t recreate this. If you have a reception area, it’s a great space to add you pop up stand and accessories to. Whilst visitors and contact from the outside is limited, it could still be beneficial to have your new products and details listed in a communal area.

November 25, 2020 |

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