Time registration has never been easier

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Do you still work with paper files to track time within your business? This is not only a very time-consuming method, but due to the amount of paper required, it is also bad for the environment. Hence, it is time for a change! EasySecure International gladly helps you making a change within your business with their advanced time registration systems. It does not matter what type of organization you need such system for, as their time tracking solutions are suitable for all organizations. From supermarket to hospitals and from industrial sites to daycare centers: a time registration system from this provider always helps save time and hassle as opposed to paperwork.

How do the time registration systems from this provider work?

The main focus of the time registration solutions from EasySecure International is on biometrics. Do you wonder why? Because biometrics provides the most accurate results in the easiest way. This is thanks to the fact that biometrics have the accuracy of a second and do not require cards or codes, so they cannot be lost or forgotten by employees. The provider however, understands that not all businesses and employees like the system with biometrics, hence they also offer other methods. All time registration scanners are equipped with a card reader and keypad, to allow time tracking with cards, codes and even mobile phones. The latter is really a solution of todays world, as mobile phones have become increasingly popular throughout the last few years.

Discover it for yourself

Are you curious if a time registration system from EasySecure International is the solution to time tracking within your business? Then visit their website and use the contact details to get in touch with the specialist. They happily tell you more about their advanced system and provide you with the benefits it can result in for your business.
June 16, 2021 |

How to make a tour through your factory successful

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If you want to show a group of people around your factory, warehouse or production environment, you are not always easy to understand. The size of the group or ambient noise often plays a role. In order to guide this in the right direction and to provide your guests with a clear explanation and/or explanation, we offer you a suitable communication system. The AXIWI tour headsets for factories!

The tour leader (guide or speaker) has a choice from a number of different microphones. Most tour guides will choose a microphone that is placed on the head. This can be either with a headband or in the form of a neckband that is worn over the ear so that one always has both hands free. With both microphones, the microphone is placed just in front of the mouth so that the distance between the microphone and the mouth remains the same. This gives a constant sound level and minimizes background noise in the microphone.

The headband and/or neckband microphone is connected to the transmitter which hangs on the neck with a neck strap or is worn on the waistband. If desired, one can also use the transmitter as a handheld microphone with a plug-in microphone, it is also possible to connect a separate audio source (mp3 player) to the transmitter.

All participants receive a receiver with accompanying (disposable) earpiece to follow the tour and/or explanation. The receivers are delivered with a neck cord and belt clip and are not considered disturbing while wearing them due to the light weight. The receivers and transmitter usually all have access to multiple channels and each device has an LED light to see if there is reception (transmitter and receiver must of course be set to the same channel).

January 5, 2021 |
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