Cool jobs you’ve never heard of!

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There are thousands of different jobs you can do. Some are location specific, some require years of training and others are simply so obscure you’ve never heard of them, yet! To give you some insight into the lesser known jobs people do, we’ve made a short list of a few of these types of job in this blog. Are you curious which jobs we’ve listed? Then read on and find out!

Smart waste management operator

What is smart waste management? Those who work in smart waste management use the internet and its features, congregated in certain applications, to manage the waste and litter within a city in the most optimal and efficient way. Working with waste is no longer a dirty job, but a glorious one where you can have lots of fun and develop yourself immensely!

Gauge restoration

Gauge restoration is a difficult and precise process, but a very rewarding one as well! There are not a lot of people who can do this type of work effectively and hence it is easy to find enough work when you start to get good at it. Gauge restoration is all about restoring the gauges of old vehicles and motorcycles, but can be applied to other machinery as well!

Database administrator

Since more and more things are done online, the amount of data that is stored in databases increases as well. In order to use this data, it must be administrated properly. To do that, the database administrator has a lot of responsibility. He is tasked with keeping the databases neat and tidy and making sure the data is useable.

Solar Photovoltaic Installer

This job sounds very complicated, but in reality it is not that bad. A solar photovoltaic installer installs solar panels that turn the suns’ rays into electricity, which is a very green type of energy. The expectancy is that these solar panels will be more and more popular as time moves on, and so this job will be more and more in demand as well. If you like to work in installation and have some prerequisite experience, you might find yourself a good job in this sector!

Did you know these jobs?

We hope that you had fun reading about these jobs and that the explanation of them provided you with some information you didn’t know yet before. Perhaps there is even a job listed that you might like!

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