How To Make Your Office Feel Christmassy

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Christmas 2020 is on the way and we’re more excited than ever! This year has been a rollercoaster for us all, so it’s time to relax over the festive period.

With some still working from home and others making their return into the office, COVID-19 and social distancing has changed the way we work and communicate, but that doesn’t have to affect the way we celebrate the run up to Christmas.

At this time of year when spirits are running high, what other ways can bring the Christmas cheer to the office?

Desk Decorations

A few changes to your desk could be all you need to get into the festive spirit. A bit of tinsel here and there, along with a small Christmas tree, your desk can be the talk of an office. Adding a little Christmas sparkle, without causing too much of a distraction. It’s sure to brighten the day.

Secret Santa

Giving and receiving gifts is a fun part of Christmas, giving you the chance to put some thought into the perfect gift. Secret Santa doesn’t have to be expensive and in most cases has a £5-£10 spend limit.

At this time it’s also important to note that being careful when swapping gifts is key. Leaving the presents to sit for at least 72 hours and sanitised where possible to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Christmas Jumper Day

A Christmas jumper day gives you the chance to bring out the fun, bright and ugly jumpers. It adds a fun spin on the day and maximises office moral. To add an extra bit of fun, why not give awards to the best jumper of the day.

Christmas Games

There are so many games that can be enjoyed in the office and with a larger group of people or within teams. Charades, bingo and even a murder mystery. On the last day, implement an early finish with games and food to bring the team together as a festive team bonding exercise.

It’s without a doubt, these options are a great way to bring a tough year to a positive close.
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