WoW Classic – Hallow’s End Event Has Started

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WoW Classic Hallow’s End is an in-game event that takes place in October. The event is based on the Halloween celebration. According to the game’s lore, Hallow’s End celebrates the Forsaken breaking free from the Lich King. During the celebration, the Forsaken leader, Sylvanas Windrunner, gives a speech and a wicker statue is set on fire.

One of the most important features of the holiday is the Invocation of the Wickerman buff. This gives 25% more HP and stamina regeneration. To gain the buff, players have to travel to the Wickerman in Tirisfal Glades. This is a great buff to have especially for a raider. Alliance players might have a hard time getting the buff because the Wickerman is in the Horde’s area. Make sure to go with a group and have a mage ready with a portal so you can get out of there as soon as possible. You can also ask a warlock to summon you to a safe area.

If you are a mage or a warlock, keep in mind that you can make some money selling portals and summons during this event. Alliance players have to kill a guardian mob and loot the item to get the buff. Horde players simply loot the item that is found on the ground next to the wicker man. If you want to see the ceremony when Sylvanas burns the Wickerman goes there at 8 PM server time. The festival has some PvP quests. Alliance players must find the location of the Wickerman which is not a hard task. Horde players have to accomplish some tasks in Southshore which might be difficult.

The treats quests are available for both factions from their capital city orphanages. You will have to travel to the three cities of your faction and acquire treats. This is very easy, you just need to emote on innkeepers and you will collect the treats. The rewards include 100 faction reputation and 50 pumpkin treat items. Players must be at least level 10 for this quest chain.

Don’t forget about the apples that you can get from the inns. These edible items replenish your HP and give a stamina and spirit buff. Talk to the innkeepers once every hour to get tricked or treated. If you get tricked, you gain an appearance changing buff. If you get treated, you get a bag that can contain food, cosmetic headpieces, and wands to change the appearance of other players. Don’t forget about the 16-slot pumpkin bag that can drop from level 50+ undead mobs.

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