The power of love

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The power of love

Love is the only note that lingers in eternity after all the songs have been sung. It is a fruit that produces a soft crop. It is a force that works and moves with breathing power.

We cannot change the past. We may want to understand the future by reading your horoscope. Sometimes we cannot always fill in the minutes with the full distance loop. Kingdoms come and go. But even when worlds clash, things turn beyond our knowledge, love is still ours to give.

It is always our determination to be nice, even though another answer is within reach. It is a decision that we make time and time again, as we move through the light and shadows of every sunset and sunrise.

Love. Simple love. That alone is the treasure that lies in every heart: the power to look beyond differences, to help instead of evil. To accept, to comfort and to bless. Forgiving and postponing compassion even in the face of evil.

Live with your heart and mind

People can break your heart, but they can never beat you if you refuse to hate. They can take away everything you have, but never who you are. Only you have the power to choose to walk a path of peace. Only you can say what and who can live in your heart and mind.

In every moment, in every exhalation, you have the unchanging choice of how you will react and the meaning that you assign to every turn of the page of your life.

That does not mean that you do not respect your own needs. For example, it does not mean that you allow yourself to be used or abused. You are not a doormat where others can sweep their feet on. It does mean that, although you choose to run away, you do so in a peaceful manner, without hatred or bad will.

Understand that love is a planned response. It is not always easy, but good things rarely come without costs. Whatever others do, no matter how insecure or unfair, love is always our sacred task. It is indeed the only one we have. And endless debts that we pay at any time.

We don’t care because it’s easy or free; we give acceptance and love because it is a gift that we give ourselves. Because as we do to others, we do it for ourselves. So plant love well. Plant peace and see it flourish in your own life.

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