The Internet Is Like A Slot Machine

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One of the great benefits of living in the Internet Age is that you have vastly increased opportunities for getting your message out. It doesn’t matter if that message is personal, political, or entrepreneurial, you have a virtually infinite number of platforms to place it on.

While there are certainly a number of pay-to-play possibilities, there are also many chances to get free advertising out into cyberspace. For anyone interested in growing their business, these represent ways in which they can expand their reach at no cost at all.

Since you can put up free advertising on so many sites, the real question is why more people aren’t already doing it. The only halfway legitimate excuse is that many business owners have no idea that these sites exist. Once they do, however, failing to take advantage of them can only be chalked up to indolence.

It might also be possible that things are going so well for them that they do not want any more business. Even if this is true, they should not simply discount the idea entirely. Instead, they should set it aside for the time when they will be in search of new customers and increased sales.

Free advertising can also be used for things other than increasing sales. Merely raising one’s online profile can have multiple benefits. People who are looking for acquisition targets might see that your enterprise would be a perfect fit for their future business plans. Others may be trolling for talent to staff their business by hiring it away from other companies. You could be that guy if they only knew you existed.

The Internet gives you a chance to appear much bigger and more capable than your lazy, non-advertising competitors. Take advantage of every opportunity you can find. Nobody really knows which part of the river holds the biggest fish. You have to get out there in the water. Cast your line in every possible spot and hope for a nibble.

That’s really what it is all about. If we knew which particular strategy or opportunity was going to be the one to pay off big, we would jump right on it. We don’t. Therefore, we need to spin the dials on everything that comes our way. God willing, one of them will come up with three cherries. It costs you nothing to play when you can advertise for free.
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